Governor Gavin Newsom

Governor Gavin Newsom today announced members of his Future of Work Commission, which include prominent leaders from technology, labor, business, education and other sectors across the state. The Commission will be ​co-chaired by James Manyika, chairman and director of the McKinsey Global Institute, and Mary Kay Henry, president of the Service Employees International Union, and will be guided by senior members of the Governor’s team, including Secretary of the Labor and Workforce Development Agency Julie Su, Chief Economic and Business Advisor Lenny Mendonca, and Senior Policy Advisor Lande Ajose.
The Commission will be tasked with making recommendations to help California leaders think through how to create inclusive, long-term economic growth and ensure workers and their families share in that success.
“The economy right now isn’t working for workers,” said Governor Newsom. “While our state is ground zero for the technological and economic transformations that are shaping the future of work, Californians are facing a crisis of opportunity and affordability. We must do the planning required to ensure that we educate and train workers for the jobs of the future, and that these jobs create pathways for economic mobility and the reduction of economic inequality in our state.”
The executive order establishing the Commission states, “The Future of Work Commission’s primary mission shall be to study, understand, analyze, and make recommendations regarding the kinds of jobs Californians could have in the decades to come; the impact of technology on work, workers, employers, jobs and society; methods of promoting better job quality, wages, and working conditions through technology; modernizing worker safety net protections; and the best way to preserve good jobs, ready the workforce for the jobs of the future through lifelong learning, and ensure shared prosperity for all.”
The Commission will work in public-private partnership with the Institute for the Future, which will bring together diverse stakeholders to support and guide the work of the Commission and help develop a public agenda to promote shared prosperity for all Californians. Funding for the Institute for the Future’s work with the Commission will be provided by the James Irvine Foundation and the Ford Foundation, both of which have been leaders in promoting equitable approaches to the future of work. The Commission will produce an interim report on its progress by May 1, 2020.
Governor Newsom appointed the following members to the Future of Work Commission:
Mary Kay Henry, 62, of Washington, D.C., James Manyika, 53, of San Francisco, Roy Bahat, 42, of San Francisco, Doug Bloch, 49, San Francisco, Soraya Coley, 68, of Pomona, Lloyd Dean, 69, of Los Angeles,  Jennifer Granholm, 60, of Oakland  Lance Hastings, 54, of Wilton,  Saru Jayaraman, 44, of Oakland, Carla Javits, 64, of Kensington,  Tom Kalil, 55, of Lafayette, Ash Kalra, 47, of San Jose,  Stephane Kasriel, 44, of San Francisco,  Fei-Fei Li, 43, of Stanford,  John Marshall, 51, of Berkeley, Art Pulaski, 66, of Berkeley,  Maria Salinas, 54, of Pasadena, Peter Schwartz, 73, of Berkeley, Henry Stern, 37, of Calabasas,  Mariana Viturro, 44, of Berkeley,  Betty Yee, 61, of Alameda,

News Governor Gavin Newsom Announces Members of the Future of Work Commission