Produced by Mission Viejo, CA TV Production company, Planet One Ventures, Inc. (producers of Planet X TV) with CEO, DP Durban, the New Show Will Feature Local California Animal Friendly Venues

By Kelly Bennett
Globally renowned media personality and wildlife expert, Zack Heart is bringing an all-new TV show to entertain his fans from around the world. Working with DP Durban, who launched Jack Hanna’s first TV series, “ZooLife with Jack Hanna” in the early 90s, Heart and the local Mission Viejo TV team are launching “Walkabout with Outback Zack”.  Working with venues like the Santa Ana Zoo, Dana Point’s Ocean Institute, Long Beach’s Aquarium of the Pacific and other Southern California sites – Heart will be featuring animals at these locations who have been rescued, are near extinction, and conservation efforts that are being made for the featured animals.
Heart was born in Melbourne; the Australian television and film personality is a globally recognized TV Host and has successfully hosted multiple television programs. With his inspiring and heart-touching life story, the self-made celebrity has raised himself through a very tragic childhood, Heart lost both parents as a young child. His father died in a car crash and his mother lost her life to cancer. He raised himself from the age of 14 and has seen many ups and downs in his personal life.
He began his entertainment career in his teen’s and moved to the United States to take his species conservation mission and career to the next level.
Besides being a popular TV host, Heart is also a gifted actor, a brave stunt man, an accomplished producer, a seasoned wildlife expert, a public educator, and a dedicated conservationist. He is also a California State Licensed Wildlife Trapper, and his love for nature and wildlife have always brought him to the wild. On his interactive website, Heart is seen posing with many exotic and wild animals, and his love for the wildlife is inspiring a new generation of wildlife enthusiasts from around the world.
Heart has been hosting for Planet X TV out of its Australian offices since the early 2000s. Planet X started airing worldwide in 1995 out of its then Dana Point based studios. Currently, he is the host, producer, and writer of ‘Walkabout with Outback Zack’, which is an adventure travel, reality-based interview series. Heart lost both parents as a young child.
As a Public Educator, Wildlife Trapper and Rescuer for Sunshine Haven Wildlife Rehabilitation center in Riverside, California and Wild haven Ranch Wildlife Sanctuary in Cedar Glen, CA. He also operates a wildlife removal, relocation, and rescue company called Outback Zack’s Wildlife Removal, which operates from both San Bernardino and Orange Counties in California.
During the worst recorded forest fires in Australian history, Heart wrote, produced and presented a one-hour television special, which raised up to $500,000 for non-profit animal rescue organization Wildlife Victoria with broadcasts in Australia and the United States.
Besides entertaining his growing number of fans from around the world, Heart has also done inspiring services for the animals. He works with the California Fish & Wildlife Department and animal defense organizations to change laws affecting animals negatively to working with a long list of wildlife rescue and rehabilitation centers, and entertaining crowds of children and adults. As an Animal Handler, Heart performs live shows and educational presentations with Raptors, Raccoons, Bears, and numerous other wild species. To top it all off, he has also been a zookeeper, and his love for the animals and wildlife is second to none.
He always says that his work is about waking up the ‘caring gene’ in people that he knows they have, because people won’t help save, stop harming or interfering with a non-human animal unless they care about it. Heart believes in educating the people, and especially the younger generation regarding the importance of wildlife, and he gets a phenomenal response from his followers on his social media pages. For more information, please visit: